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08 Sep
Content isn't the king! A new look at content marketing
Over and over we would have seen or heard people advising us that when it comes to online marketing, content is king. Well, I'd disagree to that and say that "meaningful content was the king!" Today, people are more concerned about the quality of information, product, service or anything for that matter. With the mind-blowing evolutions online, users now get things almost instantly with the click of a button. See, their choices are limitless and, your competition is getting tighter and tighter. So, how can you win all those hearts with content or content marketing? Let's find it out!
07 Sep
Website updates, how important are they?
Changes are inevitable today. Every day, every second, the greatest minds all around the globe are working hard to bring out innovations; to develop new models of various products, or an entirely new product itself! When new versions come, we all tend to prefer them rather than sticking on to the old ones. The same goes with websites. Template designs, plugins, images, contents, etc. all need to be brushed-up once in a while.
30 Aug
Expert Advisors & MT4 Plugins
The previous two blogs gave an insight into what MT4 and an Expert Advisor was. Here is a brief-up on what they are; in case you missed them. Developed by MetaQuotes Software and released in the year 2005, Meta Trader 4 (well-known as MT4) is an online trading platform. One of the significant reasons for which MT4 is quite renowned amongst its users is because it allows the use of an Expert Advisor (EA). An EA is a software that runs on MT4 to help traders automate their trading operations. Having said about MT4 and Expert Advisor, it is now time to introduce a new term MT4 Plugins.
21 Aug
How Expert Advisors can help you automate trading
Forex trading for most people is often an additional way to earn a bit more. Hence, many find it difficult to spend time in front of their monitors analyzing the charts and various other conditions (indicators) required for efficient trading. For such people, things would be a lot easier if there was an automated system that could help them with trading. An Expert Advisor does just that!
18 Aug
Is your mobile app really user-friendly?
A recent behavioral study shows that mobile users spend almost 90% of their time on various mobile apps. This statistical figure is a great eye-opener to businesses in deciding whether they need to develop mobile apps that represent their business ideas or stay with only having a responsive website. Now, similar to a website, for a mobile app to be successful, it should be user-friendly and we here at ICMB have experts who can deliver the best.
16 Aug
Before choosing a CRM, consider these
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a great resource in acting as a bridge between your business and its customers. Also, how it can help with your business costs. So now, if you are planning on purchasing a CRM, here are a few questions you should ask yourself. See if you know the answers for them. If you dont then, find them and only then proceed with purchasing the software.
11 Aug
Meta Trader 4 - a beginner guide
Have you heard of people talking about trading currency pairs or about Forex trading and wondered how they do it? Then, this write-up is for you! Traders buy and sell currency pairs in the foreign exchange market - the largest decentralized global market. The trading activity done online requires software and this is exactly what MT4 is.
09 Aug
What are the major functionalities of a Search Engine?
The whole working of search engines is a complex process that depends on the algorithms developed. And, with each of the search engines not entirely revealing their algorithms, it is not seemingly possible to understand how things work. But, we now know for sure that the crawlers or bots have a huge role to play!
03 Aug
Can CRM software cut your business costs?
Though it takes the hard work of every person, small or big to get your business ideas running, the customers are ultimately the most important part that determines the outcome of your business. If you have a number of happy and satisfied customers, your business is prospering.
02 Aug
SEO Specialists - A Secret Ingredient of Every Successful Company.
Bringing your business top to the market is not easy. There is no system, software, or routine which increases your client count. Those one are SEO ? a secret sauce in the business. They will help you do more, but you must find the better SEO to optimize your brand.
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