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24 Apr
Start loving your teamwork with a customizable & user-friendly CRM
Teamwork is essential to achieve big heights. But its very had to collaborate with a team where the members are at various locations and working under different working times or schedules. By following some simple steps, you can better make your teamwork more interesting.
13 Apr
Ways to overcome Facebook ad targeting options removal
Facebook is temporarily removing their most robust ad targeting options. However, this will affect the new campaigns. The existing campaigns which use targeting options such as school, employer, and field of study or job designations are not affected. Until Facebook have the right processes in place to help prevent data security and privacy, they are removing these self- reported targeting fields.
12 Apr
16 Personal branding tips to follow in 2018
Is your brand working tirelessly to achieve a great online presence? Or Searching new strategies to get more clicks, likes, comments, engagements and interactions? There is a different approach to grow your brand. You can simply achieve these successes through personal branding.
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