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21 Sep
Why should you consider web and app development together?
Every business idea now comes with a plan of staging themselves successfully online. To all those new-comers, you are about to enter an arena thats now filled with competitors; which include leaders, learners as well as newbies. You would find several of them offering the same service/ product as you; each claiming to be better than you.
15 Sep
Use CRM - Be Free of Sticky Notes and Escape from The Cells of Spreadsheets
Presently we have something better to replace sticky notes and spreadsheets, an approach to organize information, getting reminders for yours to do list at the right time, and keeping data to associate clients at the opportune time. Does this sound good? If your business is beset by missed follow-ups, de-centralized client information and general disarray, an efficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution will fill the gap.
08 Sep
Content isn't the king! A new look at content marketing
Over and over we would have seen or heard people advising us that when it comes to online marketing, content is king. Well, I'd disagree to that and say that "meaningful content was the king!" Today, people are more concerned about the quality of information, product, service or anything for that matter. With the mind-blowing evolutions online, users now get things almost instantly with the click of a button. See, their choices are limitless and, your competition is getting tighter and tighter. So, how can you win all those hearts with content or content marketing? Let's find it out!
07 Sep
Website updates, how important are they?
Changes are inevitable today. Every day, every second, the greatest minds all around the globe are working hard to bring out innovations; to develop new models of various products, or an entirely new product itself! When new versions come, we all tend to prefer them rather than sticking on to the old ones. The same goes with websites. Template designs, plugins, images, contents, etc. all need to be brushed-up once in a while.
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