A checklist for new e-commerce shopping site owners to get their first sale in one month

  by Neethu Jolly for Ecommerce Development 28 August, 2018

Achieving your first real lead is an essential step for every e-commerce website. But a perfect focus and timing could seal a deal for all new e-commerce entrepreneur.

There are so many ways and channels to promote your e-commerce website. But it is difficult to find which works better and which give better results without spending much.

Don’t ever fall into the trap of any marketing agencies. Just have better attention to all the marketing channels and marketing methods available right now. Sort out from them the best-suited channels for your products and services. Make a promotion plan and this will be easy to get the audience to your e-store.

If your e-shop is already live, go through the below-given points and know how to exclusively generate web traffic that is genuine to make a purchase.

Why is targeted traffic significant for e-stores?

As you are a new entrepreneur of a new e-shop, it will be easy to improvise your website look and feel and brand identity. But these are the details you are building behind the screen. The real improvement comes from the open doors. That is by exposing your e-shop to the audience and make your e-store they always want. Here comes the importance of traffic. Stop improvising the minor detailing and let’s concentrate on finding the interest in your product and services by initiating geo-target based web traffic.

Now moving on to the free and easy traffic sources:

  • Set up Google Analytics – Explore it. It is completely free.
  • Use free traffic sources – These are one which helps in sharing your e-store. Use this to share manually to the network and online groups and communities.

These free and easy traffic sources are common and all the e-commerce entrepreneur are familiar with these. There are few tips to keep in mind before getting started:

Tip 1 – Offers and discounts are excellent methods to attract people. Consider these to entice the audience to look your e-store out.

Tip 2 - Connect your e-commerce URL with the personal online profile. This will increase the trust and the people in the network will get to know you and most probably your friends will promote you and it is true for every e-commerce owner that the first few sales will come from their friends.

Tip 3 - Make use of Email marketing methodology. But never spam customers with continuous, repetitive, irrelevant promotional messages. Rather than promotional messages, try to provide valuable contents and make them feel you care and your e-shop is not focusing on selling the things they don’t need. Always concentrate on selling authentic products that could solve a current issue in their life.

Consider mailing to your connections about your digital store's launch. Ask them to do a share, like and comment— to support you.

  • Stick to online communities – Never underestimate the power of adding a link to relevant communities or group. Use forums like Reddit and online niche communities which have been created themselves choosing peoples having specific interests. Each of these groups will increase your e-commerce store’s establishment. But remember, join those groups which are currently active by checking its recent posts and activity.

Now it is time to move into more marketing methods that need more time and few financial investments

Facebook advertising - Most famous social networking platform which gives the most definite user base regarding age, gender, location, income and interests.

  • Instagram advertising - You can display your visual ad in others' feeds to drive traffic.
  • Pinterest marketing - Mostly comprised of female users. Good for e-shop that concentrates on female customers.
  • Google Ads – Everyone looks up on Google before a buy. Creating Google ads makes your website to be visible at the top results.

These are the most common paid advertising methods that which help you get targeted web traffic quickly. Each platform is different from one another. You should select the most appropriate platforms based on your products and start advertising only to the geographical area you desire to deliver your products.

Increasing traffic is like connecting dots between your e-shop and your audience. To achieve an ever-growing possibilities try the below marketing methods too.

  • Connect with existing audiences and convert them to customers via discounts and offers
  • Reach out to bloggers and ask them to promote your e-shop through a blog
  • Create a product with a big brand
  • Seek out help from influencers
  • Look for strategic partnerships and conduct events together
  • Run contests offering your product as a prize.
  • Try giveaway contests
  • Try event sponsoring

It’s never too late to begin. Start today.  Now is the time to explore, try, fail and improve. If you are afraid of a failure, we at ICMB services are here to help you get your digital store out there. Ring us at +97143779750  or Drop an email at  to know more.

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