A true guide for branding - 2018

  by Neethu Jolly for Branding 11 January, 2018

When we hear branding most of us think that it is just creating a logo, choosing a colour palette to represent, finding a way to showcase products or services, how they deliver it and its packing. More than this branding is a distinctive set of associations in the heart of audiences. Most important things in branding are to generate and influence those associations.

Today branding is really difficult to define. But in this wide world, branding continues to evolve.  The step of change we experience and see in branding is becoming complicated day by day. While branding, some of the major steps you should consider and take care of are given below:

Brand Identity

Like personal identity, your brand identity is equally special. It is built with numerous elements like logo, name, tagline, stories, design, messaging, languages used, and other visual elements. A unique identity is going to set your brand apart from your competitors. Set your goal and focus on generating value for customers!  This is the true way of branding.

Branding experience

To create a successful brand, plotting a branding experience is important. Brands conquer minds only when they offer loyalty and trust. Firstly brands will be rated by the memorable experiences they offer. Now you might be thing what branding experience is…

It is defined as the feeling, sensation, cognition and responses a brand have or it offers as a part of its identity, design, communication, packing, etc. More interesting and compelling the experiences a brand offer, faster you can create brand loyalty. The winning formula is a totality and tonality, both of these must be consistent and interactive.

As we execute marketing plans considering this formula, a little establishment is surprisingly created by audiences as the proof of their trust.

Authenticity and transparency

Strong brands are not just built; there are the outcomes of long term efforts and plans. As honesty is the common element every customer expects from a brand. With the goal of generating certain honesty a brand should be built with both authenticity and transparency also knowing customer needs.

Instead of hiding behind a facade of sophistry, show your customers who you are and what you care about. Elevate your brand by offering a transparency in production, quality, pricing etc.  By embracing transparency in each level of a customer journey your brand will become more authentic.

Each Interactions deliver messages

How your brands interact with customers? Is that in the way they like? Each interaction is counted as a message. Beware brands! The brand should take care of voices they use to speak. It should be unique, memorable, friendly, enjoyable and recognizable. To win a grip a lot of research and analysis is needed. Study the target audience and study the voice tone they like. Choose the words and create a realm of voice for communication, messages, marketing, advertising, digital marketing, customer services and support. All of these sectors in a business are more dependent on each other. Think about a customer service, being little rude. This is an interaction your brand is having with your customers and every single action affects your brand.

To manage a brand, choose a proper, consistent voice to interact. Also, don’t forget to train your employees accordingly who are the building blocks of a brand so called as primary brand ambassadors.

More and more tips are here to disclose. Contact us to know more.

Planning to create one brand or already having one? But facing difficulty in building a brand assuring every touch point? Don’t wait, ring us today.  We will bring you a whole new chapter of branding services. It is your brand – Let it shine everywhere.


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