An advanced research insight to develop your content marketing plan

  by Neethu Jolly for Content Marketing 01 January, 2018

There is always an interest in knowing others branding stories. If the stories are saying branding failures the readers will become keener to read it for learning new lessons from them. At least that story was not yours, right? To avoid business failures continue reading this blog.

Below given are some of the valuable lessons before planning a content marketing plan:

Lesson 1: Stay organized. Get updated with world events and perform a little research before publishing.

Lesson 2: Consider audience feeling. Content is the natural voice of your business. The tone and feel of content must sound like totally matching for any marketing needs. It should impact audience minds positively.

Lesson 3: Notice your competitors and try new practices to stand out from the crowd.

Lesson 4: Set a goal to every piece of content. Choose a unified content, style and tone for a project.

Lesson 5: Produce contents that engages, motivates and those which provide knowledge to the audience.

Keeping these lessons in mind, now it’s time to define your content marketing plan for your business. Content plan - It’s a must …If you fail to create, it’s sure you will fail.

This world is becoming more competitive than ever. To make your brand roar in this battlefield, we need to build a documented content marketing plan for the success of your business. Here are the top 5 steps for developing your unbeatable content marketing strategy.

  1. Understand your objectives and find the possible way to achieve them

A content strategy plan can help you develop brand awareness, achieve high traffic to the site, getting sales leads, change leads into clients, make existing clients to revisit and drive upsells.

  1. Identify your target audience and choose the proper tone for their demography

Identifying the right demographics and psychographics of a target market will help you talk in a way they love. Simultaneously use the right content tone to convey responses and conversations with them. It’s very important to find their social behaviour and the place they spend more time.  And here you go! Publish your content in those platforms. For sure, they will share, pin, like and tweet.

  1. Try a content audit

It is essential to run a content audit for different reasons. An audit can determine your website’s issues like the content that should be deleted from the site, pages which are lacking content, contents need to update etc. 

What if you don’t have a website to perform a content audit?

Don’t worry. You can run a content audit of your competitor’s website. This will make you find their pitfalls and accordingly you can catch up with brand-new trends without spending time on those plans your competitor already failed.

  1. Choose the right type of content you want to publish

Create effective, engaging, and memorable visual content. This will make your audience stick around your brand.  Types of contents which can do real wonders of marketing are blog posts, templates, ebook, infographics, podcasts, videos, case studies, whitepapers and much more. Choosing the best content type could convert your audience to a regular customer.

  1. Publish and manage your content.

Generating brilliant content ideas and set it in an editorial calendar. This will build a well-balanced, diverse content track of your website.  Market timing is everything. Create a social media calendar. Publishing it on the right platform at the right time is most important. This will make you easier to remember, promote and manage your digital content.

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