Start loving your teamwork with a customizable & user-friendly CRM

  by Neethu Jolly for CRM Solutions 24 April, 2018

Teamwork is essential to achieve big heights. But its very had to collaborate with a team where the members are at various locations and working under different working times or schedules. By following some simple steps, you can better make your teamwork more interesting.

Project management, team collaboration, leads and sales collaboration, all the follow up regarding leads and sales can be made accessible with a CRM. When you are choosing a CRM, just keep ‘communication and transparency’ in your mind.

Here are six essential tips to read before choosing a CRM

1.    Find out a CRM with features you need. Don’t ever waste money on a CRM with a lot of features you aren’t going to use.

2.    If your CRM doesn't have a customer support team, then don’t buy it. Whether the CRM Software is responsive, helpful or transparent or whatever features it contain you make sure your CRM Software has a competent, obliging team who are ready to help you and guide you through the process if needed.

3.    Identify your top priorities. It may be for organizing the team and contacts, increasing your leads, tracking the transactions or follow-upping your clients at the right time or you may sometimes need other specific requirements. Then look for a CRM that is customizable.

4.    If your team members are working on the go, you need to choose a cloud-based CRM. i.e, a CRM which is accessible anywhere, anytime

5.    It is important to select a CRM which suits your business working flow without changing your current business workflow.

6.    Select a CRM that can be accessed on all smart devices and integrates with other apps and social media

With ICMB Services you have the freedom to choose your custom CRM Solution. To know more ring us at +971 4 377 9750 or drop an email at


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