The dominance of Mobile e-commerce and an increase in online sales

  by Neethu Jolly for Web Development 26 September, 2018


When you go out next time, take some time to observe around yourself and watch people. Regardless of whether people are at a cafe, hypermarket or simply strolling down the road, most of them will be using their smartphones. Are you thinking that they are talking? They are not just speaking to someone. They are busy scheduling their daily tasks or works, paying bills, booking travel tickets, buying clothes, buying groceries, ordering pizza, booking a cab and much more.

Now all these are becoming common. Our technological advancements are overgrowing and the devices we use in our daily lives are influencing our lifestyle.

At this moment, think how important and unavoidable these devices are. People want everything to be done in precise time and on the go. If you are having a business and not yet started providing mobile services, then it is time to start. Getting your  business optimized for mobile is essential today.

Unable to trust us? Just look at the below diagram. We will show you a roundup which shows a stats on the latest mobile e-commerce dominance.


There are some more things to do along with transforming your e-commerce to m-commerce. Check below-listed features and add it to your mobile store and stand out in the Mobile Retail Revenue World.

·         Integrate augmented reality

·         Add chatbots and messenger apps to make customer interactions simple

·         Provide a variety of payment methods

·         Price comparison options

·         Make easy checkout and payment process

·         Enable accelerated mobile pages

Keep all these in mind and create your mobile business. Success will be yours.

If you feel any difficulty in developing mobile commerce, get in touch with ICMB Services, we will help you build your mobile store.

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