Ways to overcome Facebook ad targeting options removal

  by Neethu Jolly for Digital Marketing 13 April, 2018

Facebook is temporarily removing their most robust ad targeting options. However, this will affect the new campaigns. The existing campaigns which use targeting options such as school, employer, and field of study or job designations are not affected. Until Facebook have the right processes in place to help prevent data security and privacy, they are removing these self- reported targeting fields.

A summary why Facebook has made this move: An investigative reporting publication ProPublica founded that the Facebook was allowing discriminatory advertising by allowing a 3rd party to collect and use information in such a way that could affect U.S.voters.

Read on. Let’s know how this removal impact digital marketing.

When the users lack data security and privacy, they will not use Facebook. If this happens, the marketers will miss a great platform to advertise. Generating revenue will become hard.

But nothing is gone - there are still active ways to target audience with Facebook.


Here are some alternate targeting options to try:

  • Interest Targeting

Facebook know you very well. This social media platform collects a lot of information about people. According to the user’s interests, interactions, descriptions, pages you like, activities, time spared watching a video, number of times they watched a video or the topics you comment on Facebook categorized users. 

For marketers, this details could worth craft their messages and ads.

  • Advanced Geo-Targeting

It’s an easy way to limit your ad audience to a specific set of geographical location. With this method, you can find country, zip code or city. Following this method can reduce the cost of the campaign. Advanced Geo-Targeting can help you show your ad on those who reside in that geographical area where you are serving your products, services or establishing your businesses.

  • Website Custom Audience

Reach people who have already shown interest in your products and services. Install Facebook Pixel on your site and start retargeting those people.

  • Lookalike Audience

Stop showing your ads to wrong people.  Try Lookalike Audience which is a cost-effective way to target new people who are similar to your existing customers.

In digital marketing, selecting the right audience is a key factor. There are several interesting methods that best suits your online marketing. At ICMB Services, we are good enough to suggest and implement the perfect digital marketing techniques for your business.

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