Why should you consider web and app development together?

  by Neethu Jolly for Web Development 21 September, 2017

Every business idea now comes with a plan of staging themselves successfully online. To all those new-comers, you are about to enter an arena that’s now filled with competitors; which include leaders, learners as well as newbies. You would find several of them offering the same service/ product as you; each claiming to be better than you. So, what is the factor that should make you unique so that you can stand out from the lot? No need to think hard. Everything you do to present yourself out there should help you achieve this.

Here are some of the major reasons why should consider web development and mobile app development together.

1. Target and reach your audience better

On several recent studies conducted, the numbers of smartphone users are rising wildly. Today, everything goes by at a faster pace and people love it when they get to do things on the go. Be it buying products or renting services; the quicker the better and there is nothing more convenient than accessing those services from your handheld smartphones. With this fact, having a mobile app representing your business roll out along with your website will help you get a wider reach.

2. Your website today needs more than just a responsive website

Responsive websites are not a luxury but a necessity now. On looking from a user’s perspective, finding your website is one task and then hunting down what he/ she requires is another. Both these tedious tasks can be simplified with a user-friendly mobile application representing your business. The greatest example that can be given is of Flipkart. Their mobile app is preferred by most mobile users.

3. Aim high. Plan for tomorrow today.

All businesses are planned for the long run. If your business idea has the scope for a mobile app and you have such an expansion in mind then, why not plan about it today? Gather up a good team, research on the possibilities, prepare a plan and set it into motion along with your business website development. Need an expert team for the same? Contact us at ICMB Services, the best website development and mobile app development company in Dubai right away!

4. Save time and money. 2 services for 1 price are always better!

Developing your business website first and then a mobile app for the same would consume a lot of time and effort. Also, getting both the services done separately at two different prices would cost you more on the whole. Hence, developing both together for a single price is always a better idea. Get both the services in a special package at the best rates from ICMB Services, Dubai.

Apart from the website and mobile app development package, other 2-in-1 packages offered by ICMB Services include website development and SEO or Digital marketing packages. For any other customized packages, do let us know your requirements and we’ll configure one for you at the most suitable and affordable rates.     

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