How important are the colors on your website?

  by Neethu Jolly for Web Development 02 August, 2017

An average human brain can articulate 120 to 150 words per minute and, a recent study showed that it takes only about 13 milliseconds for the human brain to process images and colors. When your website has a new visitor, it is the site’s color theme and images that will be processed first. If both of these can grab your first-time visitor’s attention then he will move on to see if your site has the necessary contents he came looking for. That is how important the colors you chose to put on your website are!

Having said that, you cannot just go rampant and put all the attractive colors on your website. The two extremes; too less and too much can have adverse effects. Every color has a different effect on the human brain and much has to be considered before deciding which color to put where. For now, let’s see what each of these most used colors would convey to the human brain.

1. Red

Danger signs, traffic signal, blood, and hearts, etc. are few of the things that would rush to each of our minds. Also, another place where we frequently have seen this color would be on discounts/ sale announcements. The color red has a strength and energy that demands to be noticed. It creates a situation wherein one has to take an action quickly. Thus, red is the apt color that can be used in places that have a call-to-action.

2. Pink   

The first thing that would come to our minds is the color baby pink and the range of Johnson & Johnson’s baby products. The color is also considered to be greatly liked by women. Pink symbolizes purity and is most often the prime color used in websites that promote ladies products and cosmetics.

2. Blue


Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn - these are indeed what would first come to everyone’s minds. Their logos with the blue color have spread across the globe like wildfire. The color blue represents many positive qualities like loyalty, strength, wisdom, and trust. It is widely used in more formal and corporate websites.    

4. Purple

This color is primarily associated with royalty and displays a tone of luxury and sophistication along with other qualities like creativity and imagination. Purple is used in websites to represent products/ services that are of great importance.

5. Green

Green greatly represents growth, nature, and money. The color is calm, environment-friendly and also conveys a feeling of freshness.


6. Orange and yellow

Orange can bring out one’s creative side; show uniqueness, friendliness, energy, and vigor. Yellow is more of an enthusiastic color that resonates happiness, brightness, and antiquity.

7. Black

Among the lot, black is one powerful color that indicates elegance, power, and luxury. The color is preferred equally by both men and women and is widely used in car and automobile websites.

8. Grey

Grey is one of the traditionally used colors to give websites a formal/ professional look. The color forms a great background for other attractive colors.

9. White

It is the symbol of purity and serenity and promotes cleanliness and simplicity. 

By knowing the effects each of the colors has on the users, you cannot decide which to put on your website. Each color has a variety of light and dark shades and it is a creative designer who best can help you.

What do you think of your website’s present color combinations? Feel it needs a change? Talk to our web design and development experts  today.

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