Website updates, how important are they?

  by Blog Admin for Web Development 07 September, 2017

Changes are inevitable today. Every day, every second, the greatest minds all around the globe are working hard to bring out innovations; to develop new models of various products, or an entirely new product itself! When new versions come, we all tend to prefer them rather than sticking on to the old ones. The same goes with websites. Template designs, plugins, images, contents, etc. all need to be brushed-up once in a while.

Why do you need to update your website?

Rank better on search engines

With time, the links on your website tend to rot and become broken. One thing all search engines work hard on is to provide the most relevant information to the users. Broken links give visitors a bad user experience and so they are one of the things that search engines hate. Greater the number of broken links on your website, higher is the chances for it to rank lower.

Look at the user’s point-of-view; how would they feel?

Websites with contents that are not up-to-date tend to give users an impression that the business is not currently active or was ceased a while ago. For example, the copyright detail. This small bit of information shown in the website’s footer has a significant role in pointing out how active the website is. There are several websites that still have the previous year or the year when the website was developed displayed in its footer. The same goes with the case of a blog. The website blog’s description may say that they write regularly. But, the last blog post published date back to a year or more!

You need to give the people something that can be shared!

Unique and up-to-date information on your website would encourage people to share them on various social networks or even add them as a reference in their websites. Obtaining such links is great for your website when it comes to SEO.

Major tips that’ll help you keep your website up-to-date

Check and remove broken links from your website

With time, it is possible that some of your resources may have been relocated and web pages removed. Due to which the links to reach them become broken. A user stumbles upon such links that take them nowhere; which in turn, delivers a bad user experience. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, broken links play a significant role in web page rankings on search engines. Perform regular checks on your website for broken links and fix them as and when they are encountered.

Stay up-to-date with your website’s platform

Whether your website is developed on WordPress or Joomla, make sure that it is updated with their latest versions. Also, update the different plugins, PHP codes, and scripts used in it with their newest versions. One of the major reasons why we need to do them is to ensure website security. Now, websites are getting hacked on a daily basis. Some are recognized and taken care of quickly while some go unnoticed for a longer period. Internet security is rapidly changing with new loopholes being discovered as some others are taken care of.

Keep your blog filled with recent posts

Blogs are a great way to give out information to users. They help in making the website more engaging and also contribute greatly to improving your website’s ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). But, having a blog with a couple of posts is not enough. Keep your blog updated with posts regularly. A lively blog will tell visitors that your website is active and the best to turn to!

Make sure that the contact info is up-to-date

With time, you could shift your business to a new location, change your contact number or email address. Make sure that all those changes are timely updated in the website. Also, information regarding your operating hours and holidays; make sure that they are also updated so that it is easier for people to reach you.

Keep the contents on the website fresh

Your website may have contents that give out relevant information, which you probably would have added when you created the website. So, with time, those contents will get outdated. To have fresh content on your website, you need to have contents that are new to your website; which is found nowhere else on the web in the exact same way. Having fresh new contents on your website also shows that it is active. Another reason why you need to update your contents is that it is good for SEO. Like users, search engines love fresh new content.

Consider re-designing your website

Sometimes, a website rework by putting all your contents onto a new template can make your website look a couple of years younger. Need help with your website rework/ re-design plans? Innovative and expert web developers and designers at ICMB Services can help you.

Having an updated website is a necessity for all those who are planning to successfully establish their business online. Follow the major tips listed out above. Keep all aspects of your website – its design, images, technological platform and contents updated to make it a lively place on the web where users can spend their valuable time.

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