Why a distinctive tone and style for your brand content?

  by Neethu Jolly for Branding 07 June, 2018

Once you have an idea to build your brand, you must first strategize the way to spread your brand to your audiences. Choosing the best way to influence your target audiences is still difficult for everyone. Whether a brand can express their goals and messages through a website, email marketing or social media channels, they should have to study their audiences carefully, their likes and dislikes, their needs and then gradually work on the type of marketing methods to pick.

While marketing a brand, the contents we share, the way we express, the way we interact, the way we reply with the audience, all have a significant role. Not only the content we share but also the voice and the tone we adopt has a real influence. The voice, tone, and style of content a brand uses can help create their unique identity. Keeping the distinctive tone and style in the content by maintaining consistency in the brand message you can hook your audiences, and you can keep them hooked. At this moment you may be thinking about what makes voice and tone different. A brand will adopt different tones to communicate with their customers.  But the brand will keep the same voice.

Let’s have a look at the differences between voice and tone.

Check out an example: You have your own voice, but your way of talking changes according to different situations depending on the emotions and moods you have. The modulations you use, the words you use, all may get different while talking with people. You might use one tone when you're talking with your friends, and it indeed varies when you speak with your boss.

The same is true for brands. Our voice will not differ much, but our tone varies all the time.

Come. Let’s know some of the ones we can use for our brands.

  • Direct

The direct tone is known as the safest route to interact with your customers, and it is used to describe the things traditionally and conservatively. In this tone, the content created is obvious, powerful, and courageous and those are good enough to motivate the audience. Using this ‘direct’ tone a brand can build a feeling of trust and the quality of being trustworthy towards your customers.

  • Friendly

This tone inspires warm and soothing feelings, settling on them a one of the best decision for brands that are family based and committed to present care to its clients.

  • Energetic

This tone always creates a happy mood. The brands which are offering products and services to enhance our lifestyles are probably using this tone. As the brands are using these cheerful and exciting contents, they are trying to make their customers more informative and enjoyable. This tone can give high energy and life experience to the audiences via the words they use.

  • Bold and Trendy

This type of tone is most commonly used for marketing and advertising a brand. Using this bold and trendy tone you can define a brand memorable. This tone can make audiences excited by its wild and weird words. Moreover, this tone development needs a vast thoughtfulness and cleverness.

Note: - From the beginning of your content creation process, it’s significant to initiate an online writing tone that’s well suited to your brand personality.

Are you still confused to choose a tone or start writing your brand content? Our content writing team at ICMB Services are happy to guide you select and write the right content with right voice, tone, and style. Also, we guarantee our clients to redefine an already established brand tone, and we will guide you to use it for marketing.

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