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10 Jul
Top 5 Digital marketing tips to grow Startups
Starting a brand or business is everyones dream. When we think about changing this dream to life, beware, we are going to face a lot of challenges in every step. Before committing to build it, we have to check whether the idea is unique, whether it could give a solution to a current issue. Also, try to find those changes that our brand could give to the world. Launching a unique brand could not make it unique. Establishing it, offering a purposeful, valued, and essential making our brand feel inevitable is more important.
02 May
Why is digital marketing important for every brand?
Today we have access to information anywhere anytime. The Internet is providing endless opportunities for us. Thanks to the web. Nowadays, people are in a raise to start and establish their own brand. Beyond SEO and Adwords there are various tips and tactics to apply in todays marketing. For attracting customers, there are several easy ways.
13 Apr
Ways to overcome Facebook ad targeting options removal
Facebook is temporarily removing their most robust ad targeting options. However, this will affect the new campaigns. The existing campaigns which use targeting options such as school, employer, and field of study or job designations are not affected. Until Facebook have the right processes in place to help prevent data security and privacy, they are removing these self- reported targeting fields.
08 Sep
Content isn't the king! A new look at content marketing
Over and over we would have seen or heard people advising us that when it comes to online marketing, content is king. Well, I'd disagree to that and say that "meaningful content was the king!" Today, people are more concerned about the quality of information, product, service or anything for that matter. With the mind-blowing evolutions online, users now get things almost instantly with the click of a button. See, their choices are limitless and, your competition is getting tighter and tighter. So, how can you win all those hearts with content or content marketing? Let's find it out!
24 Jul
5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Essential for Your Business
Starting from buying products, renting services to paying bills, almost everything can now be done readily online. And, with the introduction of mobile-friendly websites and apps, the number of people depending on online services is rapidly growing. Digital marketing ensures that your business profits from this growing lot.
17 Jul
10 Digital marketing myths that now need to be forgotten
Today, more and more people are turning to online shopping. Thus, for your business to be successful, it is important that you adopt an effective strategy to promote it on the internet; to give it a strong online presence. The best way to do so is by adopting a good digital marketing plan.
10 Jul
Why Consider Affiliate Marketing for Your E-commerce Website
The online marketplace is now flooding with businesses that sell their products and services online. Hence, the competition is growing day-by-day. And so, in order to stand-out from the rest, you need to put in a little "extra" effort. One way this effort can be taken is by considering affiliated marketing for your e-commerce website.
03 Jul
6 key-players for an unparalleled digital marketing team
Every individual is unique with a special set of qualities. And, a team consists of several such people. Teamwork utilizes the potential skills of every member. This is why a team can generally produce better results than an individual. Digital Marketing requires a team which houses few people with varying experience levels...
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