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28 Nov
Forex Made Easier with MT4 Plugins
MetaTrader 4 comes loaded with a lot of useful features that makes it the most popular among all trading platforms. MT4 plugins can be an unfamiliar term for a newcomer to Forex trading or for someone looking to get their own MT4 system. With MT4 enjoying a large userbase, it is next to impossible to satisfy everyone’s needs, which necessitates the utility of plugins.
30 Aug
Expert Advisors & MT4 Plugins
The previous two blogs gave an insight into what MT4 and an Expert Advisor was. Here is a brief-up on what they are; in case you missed them. Developed by MetaQuotes Software and released in the year 2005, Meta Trader 4 (well-known as MT4) is an online trading platform. One of the significant reasons for which MT4 is quite renowned amongst its users is because it allows the use of an Expert Advisor (EA). An EA is a software that runs on MT4 to help traders automate their trading operations. Having said about MT4 and Expert Advisor, it is now time to introduce a new term MT4 Plugins.
21 Aug
How Expert Advisors can help you automate trading
Forex trading for most people is often an additional way to earn a bit more. Hence, many find it difficult to spend time in front of their monitors analyzing the charts and various other conditions (indicators) required for efficient trading. For such people, things would be a lot easier if there was an automated system that could help them with trading. An Expert Advisor does just that!
11 Aug
Meta Trader 4 - a beginner guide
Have you heard of people talking about trading currency pairs or about Forex trading and wondered how they do it? Then, this write-up is for you! Traders buy and sell currency pairs in the foreign exchange market - the largest decentralized global market. The trading activity done online requires software and this is exactly what MT4 is.
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