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Trade Copier
The 'Trade Copier' Plugin, mirrors orders from specific groups into a single MT4 account. You have the options to direct copy or exact reverse the trades. When reversing trades, you have the benefit of including the spread, or trade on the exact price of the original trade. This is great for allowing brokers to setup a single risk management account to track the balance, volume, and much more. Please contact us for more information.
Price : US $1,000.00
Client Rebate Plugin
This server side plugin deposits rebates to clients' account at closing orders. You can control the criteria for the rebates from the plugin [i.e. the minimum open-time or symbol/securities to which the rebate is applicable]
Price : US $1,000.00
Margin Leverage Plugin
This server side plugin allows you to maintain the same margin requirement for symbols irrespective of the leverage. I.e. The margin required for opening a position for a client with 1:100, 1:200 or 1:400 will be the same. Leverage will not have any effect on Margin requirement. This plugin is extremely useful if you want to control the position opening under uncertain market conditions.
Price : US $1,000.00
Stop-Out Hedger Plugin
When the client reaches the stop-out level, this plugin will automatically hedge the account and mark the account as 'Read Only'; instead of closing the client positions. The enabling of the client's account can only be done by the MT4 Manager or the MT4 Admin’s permission
Price : US $1,000.00
Margin Reducer Plugin
This server side plugin allows you to reduce the margin requirement for symbols. By using this plugin, you can control the criteria for the margins [For example: Client account, Symbol and Reduced margin]. This plugin is extremely useful if you want to control the position opening of a particular symbol under uncertain and volatile market conditions.
Price : US $1,000.00
Good till Session
Good-till-Session application allows you to delete any pending orders, and set the stop-loss and take-profit values to zero, after the market is closed.
Price : US $1,000.00
Custom Plugin
Our experienced developers are ready to create and develop all your ideas regardless of the complexity or level of elaboration. Kindly provide us with all your requirements.
Price : US $1,000.00
Max Spread Plugin
This server side plugin helps you set the maximum value of the floating spread.
Price : US $1,000.00

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