9 Ways to Grow Your Brand and Business via Facebook

  by Neethu Jolly for Branding 30 October, 2018

Are you using your personal Facebook page as a marketing tool for your brand? If you are not using, you are missing out on a most powerful and 100% free marketing tool.

Facebook is one of the popular social media platform used by most of the people around the world. Also, 98% of smartphone users spend a minimum of 1 hour per day on Facebook. So, it’s time to begin using a personal Facebook page to grow your business and brand.

You may be using your business page to promote your brand awareness. But sometimes FB lowers the organic reach of posts on these business pages and force you to spend money in FB advertising to get a particular count of views.  When you use your FB page in the right way, there are a lot of chances to get attention, reach, interactions, engagement and likes.

Here are some interesting tips to follow, that will drive awareness to you and your brand or business.

1.    Stay Professional

Your business page and personal FB page must be professional. Don’t ever post unwanted posts to get followers. Focus on your brand and share things which are needed for your business. Your FB page is as much relevant as your business page. So you should focus on it also. If you post something which is not relevant or which will raise any social issue, you may lose a follower or friend. Better stay serious or have fun in a limit that will never cross any discrimination or create social issues.

2. Set Security smartly

Enable your posts to be visible to everyone. But remember to check whether 'Who can add things to my timeline?' is set to 'only me'. Turn on approval of all tags once they show up on your timetable. You don't need other individuals' thoughts on your page and you would prefer not to be labelled at the others page.

3. Stay friendly

Behave as a friend. Brands are well known for their friendliness and fun. Interact with your audience as a human. Make friends by approving all friend requests but beware of fake profiles. Our goal is to increase our followers, but never add fake profiles. Remember to stay away from those friend requests.

4. Don’t ever complain

Never post your complaints or problems in Facebook page. Try to solve them yourself. No one wants to read your complaints.

5. Tag posts properly

It is an effective strategy to tag people in the pictures you post. This will pave a way to increase your viewers by making visible your post to their friends. If there is no, any relevance in tagging an image with people avoid doing so.

6. Put a good profile picture

Present your best self, use a headshot, use colours according to your personality and present it on a clean background. Also, for supercharging your picture’s effectiveness, name the file your name. This will increase your visibility in Google search.

7. Try to Post informative, engaging content with photos

Pictures are interesting. If those are informative and interesting, it could definitely capture ones attention.

Also, remember to avoid posting a text-only post. Pictures are post boosters and Facebook mostly promotes posts with pictures.

8. Like posts a Lot and like comments

Like other’s post and this will make them like your posts. Try to give comments to others. Like and give a reply to every comment you get for your posts. These are building blocks of an interaction. More you interact with people, the engagements you will receive would be high.

9. Moreover posting timing is important

Never post your posts at random times. Research on tools that will find out the peak engagement times. Test your posting in those times. Find out the difference between the present and the previous number of likes, comments, click-throughs or shares. Also, take consideration of the number of post per week. Too much posting will irritate your viewers. Keep in mind, days of a week matter too. Plan your posting accordingly and increase your engagements wisely.

So what are you waiting for? Start today. Create one Facebook page of yourself, engage people and spread your brand, give awareness and promote smartly.

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