10 Digital marketing myths that now need to be forgotten

  by Neethu Jolly for Digital Marketing 17 July, 2017

Today, more and more people are turning to online shopping. Thus, for your business to be successful, it is important that you adopt an effective strategy to promote it on the internet; to give it a strong online presence. The best way to do so is by adopting a good digital marketing plan. But, before you take-up an agency to help you with it or yourself plan the various activities, there would be a few myths which you would have heard. But for real, these should have been forgotten long ago. Here is a list of a few of them.

  • 1 Digital marketing is a one-stop solution for all your business needs

With people relying on the internet now more than before, digital marketing is indeed a good way to give your business a better reach and also get online customers. But, digital marketing is not all. Traditional marketing methods like Television advertisements, billboards, newspapers, etc. are still being relied upon by many. Digital marketing may be less expensive when compared to traditional methods. But that does not mean that the latter needs to be forgotten. For an effective marketing strategy, both digital marketing and traditional methods may be combined.

  • Digital marketing is easier than traditional marketing

Unlike the traditional marketing methods that take less time to be executed, digital marketing requires a lot of time. Every activity needs to be carefully planned before executing them and it is after much hard work and patience that results start appearing. Thus, digital marketing demands a lot of work before getting results.

  • Digital marketing can almost immediately produce ROI

Most marketers believe that by running a pay-per-click advertising campaign for businesses, they will start receiving sales results almost immediately. This is, in fact, a common misconception that many have. Running a paid ad campaign need not give you immediate results. But, the ROI from digital marketing is certainly measurable. It is guaranteed that what you invest in digital marketing will be paid off finally, giving your business a strong base for the long run.    

  • We assure you 1st ranking on Google

Many of us would have received emails from various marketing agencies with an assurance that they can get our businesses listed on Google’s #1 position. This is one guarantee that you should not fall for! Google has algorithm changes almost every day in an attempt to provide the users with the best helpful content. And so, with such changes, it is impossible for one to assure any ranking positions on the search engine. All one can do is strive hard by following the best practices to achieve top rankings.

  • Digital marketing is not applicable for all business

There are many people who think that digital marketing is best suitable for businesses belonging to certain categories. But, the truth is that with the proper content and figuring out the right digital marketing channel, businesses belonging to every category can reap benefits.

  • Make it a priority to have accounts for your business on all social media channels

There are some marketers who create an account on almost all social media channels believing that it is a necessary step to be followed in digital marketing. Well, it isn’t. We all create accounts on various social media channels to socialize. Similarly, when it comes to the case of our businesses, social media channels are best ways for branding. But, that does not mean you need an account in everything. Choose 3 to 4 channels and focus on them.    

  • Content quantity matters

Though changing, there are still several who still believe that content quantity has a huge role to play. But, it is the content quality that matters and not quantity! Your main objective is to ensure that users (including your customers) get a clear picture of what you are trying to convey. Put those in the best possible way using meaningful words. Short, medium or long, it is not the length of the content that matters. It is its quality.

  • Negative reviews are bad for business. So why give opportunities to get reviewed?

If you are to purchase a product or avail a service online, what is it that you would look for without fail? Of course, it is the reviews! Products having good reviews tend to do better in the online market. By giving your customers an opportunity to review, you can learn more about your customer’s requirements and likewise, help improve customer experience. Product quality and customer experience are two significant factors that contribute to your business’s success. When it comes to handling bad reviews, there are separate processes for handling them. Addressing your customer’s feedbacks will always help improve customer loyalty and so, your company reputation.

  • Assurances that marketing agencies can make your campaigns go viral

It is not the marketing agencies that make your campaigns go viral. Going viral is just something that happens. It is not something that one can force into happening. Of course, you could give it a head start. Campaigns that have a funny element or are shocking, etc. naturally tend to attract more viewers and shares. And, that is how a campaign goes viral.

  • Digital marketing is mainly for driving in traffic into your website

The main aim of digital marketing is not to drive-in traffic into your website. It is to convert your website visitors to potential customers; i.e. to increase leads and sales.

Laid down above are just a few out of the many myths that are yet to be busted. When it comes to digital marketing, there is always room for trials. Opt various techniques, get-to-know your audience well and then work out your digital marketing plans accordingly.

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