6 key-players for an unparalleled digital marketing team

  by Neethu Jolly for Digital Marketing 03 July, 2017

Every individual is unique with a special set of qualities. And, a team consists of several such people. Teamwork utilizes the potential skills of every member. This is why a team can generally produce better results than an individual. Digital Marketing too requires a team which houses few people with varying experience levels and expertise led by a leader.


Below are 6 prominent members that every digital marketing team should have.



 1.Digital Marketing Specialist

He/ she is often the expert with strategies and solutions for every situation; the one who usually leads the team. A digital marketing specialist is usually the one responsible for coming up with an action plan that involves various activities like social media promotions, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), web analytics, etc. which when carried out is sure to derive the required results. He/ she is often the person who communicates with the client.  

 2.Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager plays a significant role in implementing the charted marketing plan, setting up campaigns, enhancing brand awareness, driving-in traffic to the website and also generating leads and sales.   

  3.Digital Marketing Analyst

By conducting frequent audit reports on the various marketing campaigns and activities performed, a digital marketing analyst suggests better ways to improve their effectiveness. New trends can be discovered by research and analysis. A digital marketing analyst is also responsible for bringing out innovations to promote brand awareness and increase results.

  4.SEO Specialist

By carrying out various Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques that include On-page & Off-page optimization, blogging, link building, social media promotions, etc. an SEO Specialist is responsible make your website rank better on search engines.

  5.Content Writer

It is the content that conveys the best idea of the product/ service you offer.  Also, well-optimized and creatively informative content contributes to a website’s better performance. Hence, it is necessary that every digital marketing team consists of a content writer who is really passionate about his/ her job.

6.Graphic designer

Textual content alone will not keep visitors interested. Images, videos, gifs, etc. add color to your marketing strategies and will keep the viewers engaged. This is why a graphic designer is also an important member of the digital marketing team.

With everyone striving hard to get their business ideas successfully established online it is impossible to rule out the competition factor. There would be many engaged in similar industries as yours trying to get good rankings on various search engines. At ICMB, we have an incredible team who is passionate about digital marketing with a proven strategy that will take your business heights.

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