E-commerce website plus its Mobile App equals Broad marketing outreach

  by Neethu Jolly for Ecommerce Development 06 December, 2017

All entrepreneurs have a dream in our life to establish our business or brand. But when they start thinking to transfer this dream to reality, it may become a daunting task with lots of doubts making your dream as a dream itself.

Here are a few recommendations to kick start your business’s online presence; consider creating an e-commerce/ mobile website or a mobile app for users to download or possibly both. E-commerce websites and mobile apps may look like similar at first look, but these two have different marketing possibilities and extremities.

Now you may get stuck in deciding which one is most suited for your business needs, technical capabilities, and which one would offer the best outcome? Depending upon a number of factors like available budget, target audiences, required features, intended basis or purpose you must choose a platform wisely to develop first, a website or an app.

If your brand is providing a non-technological service like Olay, Uber, or Airbnb you need to double check which one will do real wonders. Closely look into your target audience and they will give you the answer. There are big names offering enormous services, e commerce is such a battlefield where you should find a perfect solution for a real issue. If your brand is there to solve and simplify the existing difficulties, no other can beat your outreach. 

Read more. Now it’s your turn to select wisely. Below given are the benefits of building an e-commerce website and a mobile application.

Reason to build a mobile website/ e-commerce website

  • Easier to set up an e-commerce store than a physical store
  • Showcase your brand with a sea of information
  • Exist beyond your target area
  • Attention from desktop users
  • 80% of population like to shop online
  • Offers convenience
  • New customers via online
  • Instant sales and leads through new sign-ups
  • Ease to earn in holidays
  • Easy promotions

Reason to build a mobile application

  • Mobile app users continue to rise every second
  • Users can reach your brand on the go
  • Potentially keep coming back with personal devices like smartphones
  • Stand out from the competition
  • All-time visible to audience
  • Opens a direct marketing channel
  • Enhances customer engagement
  • Builds customer loyalty
  • Good to compete in a specific market

There are far better and interesting ways to market your brand online. Sky is not a limit! Make your brand up above the world so high. Your dream is getting closer; the long wait towards a difficult target is no longer the longest. Get in touch with us and boost your business.


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