How important is a website design and how it helps in making a business fruitful?

  by Neethu Jolly for Web Development 30 November, 2018

Just building a simple website could not be sufficient to establish a brand. There is an array of things to be considered and an order of priority in each. The best thing to start with is your website, the one which is the power tool for improving brand’s online presence. The website built by the right elements and following the proper SEO tactics will only gain successes through digital marketing. Immediate positives results couldn’t be found, but eventually, at an appropriate time, your website will make better progress. First, consider a website design which is best suited for your business.

Build a website with an impressive user interface. This will be an asset to your business and undoubtedly result in a better conversion rate, leads and revenue.

Here are some basic points you need to consider while hiring your website designer. Each factor defined here is worthwhile and if your designer is capable of dealing with the below points, your business is a partial success.

1. Website navigation

A well-structured menu or a navigation bar that shows the list of all web pages on your website is essential. When this navigation is properly built, visitors can easily examine and know your website.

3. Brand consistency

Branding is the one thing that will set you apart from the competitors. A unique logo and the visual elements used for branding are the things which attract audiences to become potential customers. Keep in mind, always follow a uniformity. It will make your audiences recognize where ever you are.

4. Simplicity in website layout

For the right engagement, your website layout needs to be unforgettable. Look and feel of a website is much important. Visitors are not coming to the website to examine the quality of the web design. They are reaching your website to perform a particular action, or to search service or product they want. When it comes to colours, typefaces and graphics, try to use only fewer colours, choose a maximum of three fonts and fix to use only three specific sizes of the preferred fonts. Also, when adding graphics, use those graphics elements which will help a visitor finish a function or perform their task.

5. Website content, visual ingredients and optimization

Website designing and the content we put in it matters much. There are two options to write content for a website. Firstly design the website and then write the content or write the content first and then design. Preparing a content layout or the content first is the right path. The content first method is flexible; the contents aren’t just words. They are the voice of your brand. From this voice, the visitors can understand what your website is conveying.  Content describes who your brand or company is and the services or products your brand can offer. And the important thing is that the words we create determine the creativity in designs.

Now just think about the reverse process. First designing a website and writing its content will be messy. The content writer might have written the relevant content, but there will not be a space to fit that content. The writer might end up removing useful content and putting content that which doesn’t bring and leads to the website. Also, the writer might have written the contents for optimization. Each word used for SEO is important. If one keyword is removed to fit the design, it will definitely matter the ranking of that webpage. To avoid these from happening, discuss the complete website content with the designer. Moreover, they can help the content writers present a brand voice with perfect visual elements.

5. Positioning the graphics and content placements

Directing the eye to design element is magic. When you want to make your audience look at something, you need to position that thing at the place where the visitor’s eye go. Certain positions, lines, shapes and elements can be used to direct the eye from one point to other. Leading lines are the best example for this. The only thing we should remember is, use only those elements that complement each other.

When you have a well-structured website, visitors can rely on you. It assembles belief and when customers trust you, they won't have questions about getting your items and services.

While designing a website, there are even more interesting tips to consider. We at ICMB call services can help brands design and redesign their websites.

Need help with your website design or redesign?

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