How do I get people to stay longer on my website?

  by Blog Admin for SEO 19 July, 2017

Well, before the answer to that here comes another question! Do you know how to understand if people leave your website quickly? For those who know about Google Analytics and have a Google Analytics account set up for your website, bounce rate is the metric that will help you analyze how your website serves its users.

For beginners and those who don’t know about it, Google Analytics is essential for understanding how your website is performing online with its visitors. If you don’t have an account then, you need to create one. Need help? We, the SEO team at ICMB will help you out!

Now, what is bounce rate?

If you have ever gone through your website analytics, you would have come across something like this.

Bounce rate for a website

The percentage figures under bounce rate in your website analytics reports tell you the number of visitors who left your website too early before visiting other pages or conversions. For your website that is aiming at converting its visitors, a high bounce rate is a warning that your website representation needs a change of approach.

Depending upon the industry that you are in, the average bounce rate for your website can vary. Listed down are the major ones.

  • Landing pages: 70-90%
  • Content websites: 40-60%
  • Lead generation websites: 30-50%
  • Blogs: 70-98%
  • Retail websites: 20-40%
  • Service websites: 10-30%

Which actions from your visitors can contribute to bounce rate?

  • Clicking on a page link that directs the visitor to a different website

  • A session time-out

  • Leaving the website by clicking on the back button

  • Closing a window or tab that had a website open in it 

  • Typing a new website URL

5 Ways to help improve your website bounce rate

Here are some suggestions that should help your website look and feel better; which hopefully will reduce its bounce rate.

    1. Get rid of those annoying pop-ups

Very often I have got frustrated while visiting certain websites. I visit them looking for certain information or so. But, the site has too many of these pop-ups that I finally close the site and go in search of another one. Many of us have come across such experiences. Therefore, it is best to avoid pop-ups on your website. Similarly, it is best to remove the music that plays automatically when a page is loaded.

    2. How much time does your web page take to load?

No one wants to see a loading page screen for even a couple of seconds. To give a user the best experience, your web page should take only a second to load. The longer it takes to load, higher is the probability that the user will abandon a site.

    3. Ensure that your website has the right content

Giving your visitors the relevant content matters greatly. People don’t just land on your website just like that! They come to with a notion that your website will cater to their needs. Do not disappoint them. Also, take care that the content you have put into your web page is readable. A few points to help you with that:

  • The font you use and its size
  • Put enough spacing between you contents
  • Jot the significant contents as points
  • Include meaningful headings and sub-headings
  • Include images, graph representations, videos, etc. to make your web page visually appealing

    4. Ensure that your website is responsive

People now love to access information or buy products/ services on the go. And, there is no other better solution to this than mobile devices. In the past few years, the number of mobile users has considerably increased. Hence, it is important to ensure that your website is responsive and can be accessed on various devices with different screen sizes.

    5. Build a clear navigation path for your users

Once you have a visitor on your website, do not leave him/ her stranded. Put all the major ones (it could be the services and products you offer or any other important information) on the menu or where it is easily accessible for the user. Make navigating through your website easier; the simpler, the better!

Do not stick with just these 5 points. The scope for improvements and innovative ideas that can completely change the look of your website are limitless. Put yourself in the user’s shoes and then create your web page designs as it is ultimately for them that they are created.

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