Try these tips and make people buy things from your app

  by Neethu Jolly for Mobile App 22 February, 2018

Built a perfect app, having its website working perfectly on all devices with strong social media channel presence and steady traffic. Already tried PR outreach, Google Ads, Social media campaigns and marketing campaigns, but not getting any sales or leads.

Below given are some of the tried and tested tips to do next to make people stick around the purchase path. Let us jumpstart to know the reasons and solutions to implement in its simplest form.

  1. Understand real customer needs

It’s essential to study the needs of your customers before we plan a strategy. Whatever products or services you are offering they should fit in the launching market. Otherwise, no any customers will think about purchasing it if they don’t need it.

  1. Cut short the registration process

Almost all of us are buying products or services from online. New users may have experienced a situation to fill out as many fields to purchase from every buying platform.

Include features in your app to sign up in guest mode. Present only the most needed fields to fill presenting them in a very simple yet interactive registration form design. Also include a short demonstration about how to use the apps explaining the features and functions in short.

  1. Implement a perfect searching feature

Remember: Implementing a perfect search function in a shopping app is essential.  Only make relevant filters visible and hide less important filters. Use relevant UI controls to remove options that which have taken a whole screen space for no reason.

Eg: There are various methods to implement a price range filter. If we are implementing radio buttons to switch different price ranges, it will consume more screen space. In case we use a price slider for the same it would become finer to the app as well as for the users.

  1. Try social proof

This simplest method can multiply your brand discovery. Think about the way you buy a product from the market. You only purchase a product or service by understanding the reviews or via its influence. If a famous person or a celebrity is advertising your brand it can attract 1000000 visitors in one day. Likewise, user social proof, testimonials, influencer endorsements, reviews and ratings can do real wonders in enhancing your sales goals.

  1. Don’t over send EMailers and SMS

Stop irritating customers via Emailer, SMS with the products that they own. If the prices slightly got down, they may become sad. It would be better promoted those products which have a connection with the already bought ones.

  1. Attract minds and hearts with value

Reveal your brand value. Express how your product or services can solve an issue in the real world or how it fulfils our emotional needs. For this publish case studies or encourage users to share their live videos expressing feedback.

  1. Ask open-ended questions to customers; find their expectations

Talk to your audience and ask them their expectations. Don’t make assumptions. Reach out and ask them what’s not working on the app. Get the real answers and work out.

Try to feature them in social media or give rewards to those who present valuable points.

  1. Never delay or forget to follow up

Before building a website, design a sales funnel to follow up your audiences. This could bring customers back into the loop. Outreaching plans, re-targeting plans, email sequences, drip campaigns, content marketing, push notifications and app badges and can be used.

If you have any questions, contact ICMB Call Services. We help mobile apps increase their conversion rates. Simply drop an email at or call us at +971 4 377 9750 to know more.


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