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30 Nov
How important is a website design and how it helps in making a business fruitful?
Just building a simple website could not be sufficient to establish a brand. There is an array of things to be considered and an order of priority in each. The best thing to start with is your website, the one which is the power tool for improving brands online presence. The website built by the right elements and following the proper SEO tactics will only gain successes through digital marketing.
26 Sep
The dominance of Mobile e-commerce and an increase in online sales
When you go out next time, take some time to observe around yourself and watch people. Regardless of whether people are at a cafe, hypermarket or simply strolling down the road, most of them will be using their smartphones. Are you thinking that they are talking? They are not just speaking to someone.
21 Sep
Why should you consider web and app development together?
Every business idea now comes with a plan of staging themselves successfully online. To all those new-comers, you are about to enter an arena thats now filled with competitors; which include leaders, learners as well as newbies. You would find several of them offering the same service/ product as you; each claiming to be better than you.
07 Sep
Website updates, how important are they?
Changes are inevitable today. Every day, every second, the greatest minds all around the globe are working hard to bring out innovations; to develop new models of various products, or an entirely new product itself! When new versions come, we all tend to prefer them rather than sticking on to the old ones. The same goes with websites. Template designs, plugins, images, contents, etc. all need to be brushed-up once in a while.
02 Aug
How important are the colors on your website?
An average human brain can articulate 120 to 150 words per minute and, a recent study showed that it takes only about 13 milliseconds for the human brain to process images and colors. When your website has a new visitor, it is the sites color theme and images that will be processed first.
31 Jul
How to select the best web designing company?
Type and search "best web designing company in Dubai (or your location name)" and Google will list truckloads of results before you. Most often people tend to believe that first page results are the best. Google first page rankings are important and they are hard to get (kudos to those who got them!). But, you cannot...
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