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Explore brand-new solutions of Forex CRM & MT4 Plugins to make your Forex brokerage simple and flexible. We have developed a whole new set of MT4 plugins and proprietary CRM systems to help brokers at every stage of their brokerage business life cycle. Our specially made MT4 CRM system that can be integrated with the MT4 plugins can automatically map your back office information. Buy MT4 Whitelabel Dubai from ICMB and enjoy our lineup of Forex IT Solutions Dubai and MT4 Plugins today.

  • Fully automated MT4 integrated CRM system
  • Dashboard that displays the count of new leads, new live accounts, graph plotting, performance of sales team and much more.
  • New account creation, editing and maintenance of accounts, trading history, are all automatically mapped into your CRM system.
  • All transactions, whether done via your website or through your back-office department, will reflect in both the CRM and MT4 trading platform simultaneously.
  • Sales inquiries captured from social media, or any digital advertising means, will be taken in a robust manner and converted to live accounts.
  • Compliance section will keep track of all the live accounts and organize all important client documents into the CRM.
  • Events/Seminars leads and attendees will be reported and organized into the CRM.
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Highlights & Features

All the tools you need to create a fully branded trading platform

MT4 whitelabel solution
Fully customized MT4 platform with
  • Your company’s logo and colors
  • Download link for your website and email distribution
  • Demo server groups for your prospective clients
  • MetaTrader Manager to view your client’s information, contact details, deposit, balance and trades
  • 24/7 technical support
  • MT4 Server hosting

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